Ghost towns & other fun

Okay, we didn’t actually see any ghosts, maybe they only come out at Halloween. But we had fun in Arizona doing some things around Phoenix and Tucson.

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Journal 60 – Back from traveling

We’ve had a busy year and haven’t devoted much time to writing. You know how it goes … it’s winter in Pittsburgh so you take a trip somewhere warm to enjoy the sunshine. Then it’s springtime and you’re outside playing even more than when you were sledding, so you’re busy. Summer arrives and you take some more trips to places like Washington, D.C. and Annapolis, Maryland where you get to tour the naval academy. 

You head south to places like Savannah or Cape Canaveral and get to go through the Kennedy Space Center. Wow.

But now it’s autumn and we’re slowing down and planning to get caught up on our blog. For the moment, here are some random shots of the fun we’ve had this year!

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